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Well, in the past few years, entertainment standards have changed a lot. Especially after Covid 19, people switched towards video on demand streaming services as the cinemas closed down. After Covid 19 people’s focus has shifted more towards how to entertain themselves at home, and due to that there has been a rise in the streaming services such as Netlfix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and other popular streaming services. When it comes to Xfinity’s TV and internet services, it is an internet service provider majorly used in the USA because of several reasons such as the reliability, affordability, and most importantly the advanced services it provides.

How Xfinity Gives an Advanced Entertainment Experience

Well, when it comes to the modern trends, video on-demand has been on rise, and being an up to date internet and TV service provider, Xfinity has solutions for everything. Well, while TV has not completely gone out of the picture and many people, especially families still prefer cable TV along with the streaming services Xfinity provides both. When you get Xfinity TV, you get a lot more than just cable TV. You get several advanced options such as your own personalized display with your favorite on demand content depending on your searches, and you get all channels in HD. Besides that, there are several other perks such as an option for DVR recordings where you not only record your favorite shows but you also get an option to skip ads. You can get live sports and news updates on your phone, and you get a separate kids zone as well as sports zone.

Xfinity Flex

Well, Xfinity Flex is a 4K TV streaming box that comes free with you internet packages. It is a voice-controlled box that is designed like the Xfinity X1 entertainment operating system, and gives you the option to watch content from a variety of streaming apps, which are already downloaded in the TV streaming box. All you need to access the apps is to log in to your account and start streaming. If you have an Xfinity TV package, you must have a voice remote, which makes your streaming process even smoother. Besides, even if you don’t have any of Xfinity TV Packages, you are still eligible for the Xfinity Flex box if you only have an internet subscription.

How To Get Started

The Xfinity Flex 4K box comes free and is super easy to install and set up. You get a Getting Started Kit, which has all you need to know about setting up the device and getting started with it. With the Xfinity Flex 4K TV streaming box, you receive Xfinity Voice remote, Power Adapter, HDMI Cable, and a guide which helps you start.

All the Perks You Get With Xfinity Flex

Well, that is not it, there are several perks that you get with the Xfinity Flex 4K TV streaming box such as,

·  Premium 4K Quality Video

Well, first things first, the best part about the Xfinity Flex box is that it comes with 4K HD content, and even if you have a non-4K TV, you can connect it to that. So, even the free content that you get this of very good visual quality.

·  Free Peacock Premium

Well, when you get an Xfinity Flex box it comes with extra perks too, and one of the perks that you get with the TV streaming box is that you get a free subscription to Peacock Premium. Peacock premium is a streaming service that is a subsidiary of Comcast. It was introduced first to the Xfinity customers in 2020 April. With the free Xfinity flex box the free version of Peacock Premium comes ad-supported with all the premium as well as original content for you to watch, and if you want to go ads free, you can pay a very minimal monthly fee and get rid of ads. In addition, besides the original content on Peacock Premium, you also get shows from NBC. The content is suitable for everyone from kids to adults, sports lovers, as well as people who like to watch the news.

·  Content with Various Genres with Xumo, Tubi, and Pluto

With Xumo, Tubi, and Pluto, you get access to over 10,000 free TV shows, movies, as well as around 200 channels. With Xumo you can access up to 180+ streaming channels. You can get lives news from channels such as NBC, ABC, and CBS, and you can also watch docuseries, as well as Reality TV shows. Similarly, with Pluto you get access to over 250+ channels with classic movies, news, TV shows, lives sports updates, and a lot more. With Tubi you can also watch movies, TV shows, comedies as well as classics from Paramount, Lions Gate, and MGM.

·  Live Sports Update

Well, being a sports lover we understand that such perks and services don’t have a lot for sports lovers. However, when it comes to Xfinity flex and the content that comes with it, with Peacock Premium you get Premium League Soccer, similarly with Xumo you get the La La Linga and the PGA tour on your screen. Besides that, you also have the ESPN3 app available on your TV streaming box where you can easily watch lives events and get updates about your favorite games.

·  Unbiased News With Cheddar News

Well, we all love news channels and networks that give us news that is not tailored according to the government’s or any other organization’s interests. With news channels and headlines it is often the case that either the narrative is set in a way that it makes on side look bad and one look good, and similarly sometimes the news it censored. In that case, we have Cheddar news. Cheddar news is known to be a nonpartisan news channel that not only has news headlines, but also has information about the advanced and new innovative products and technologies. So, if you have someone at home who is a nerd politically and loves to learn new things, the Xfinity Flex box has something for them too.

·  Supports All Popular Video on Demand Apps

Well, the Xfinity Flex box not only comes with Peacock Premium and other free streaming services but it supports all popular streaming services and comes with them already in it. If you have a subscription to any of the famous streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney, or any other, you can just simply log in to your apps and watch your favorite shows.

·  Supports All Popular Music Apps

Besides all the streaming services and video on demand content, music on demand streaming apps are similarly on hike. Well, with the Xfinity Flex 4K Box, you not only enjoy good visuals, but good audio too. Besides the storage issue, if you want to stream from your music apps, the Flex box supports Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and other popular music apps. You can even listen to live music on the iHeartRadio, and listen to free music videos from XITE to fully occupy your Flex box.

·  Purchase or Rent Movies

Well, if you feel like your favorite movie is not among the content that is available on the Flex box, you are given the option to either rent, or purchase the movies from the digital store via the Xfinity Flex box. You have a digital storage and have access to buy movies when you pair your accounts with Movies Everywhere. Besides, with Xfinity Movie Premier, you can also rent new movies if you don’t want to go to their cinema and would want to watch them at home.

Final Words

Well, when it comes to the perks that come with Xfinity internet, the Xfinity Flex Box is our favorite. The Flex Box is perfect for anyone who does not want a full-fledged TV service and can work with ad-supported TV streaming. Besides, the best part is that the unlimited content that comes with the Flex box is of high quality and comes free. So, if you don’t have your Xfinity Flex box, get it now and enjoy on demand content for your ultimate entertainment package.