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To use the full potential of WordPress, one needs to utilize what is available, which in the case of this CMS are plugins. Plugins from different categories can provide various functionalities for your website and can make your website do, well, basically anything.

In the sea of many plugins out there, it can also be challenging to make a difference between what you need on your website and what you think you need. To help you a bit, we compiled a list of the top 5 WordPress plugins for 2022.

1. WP Maintenance


If we speak about adding new plugins to a website, we should consider how the website looks during the process. This is why the first plugin on our list is WP Maintenance, a solution for the work-in-progress pages and sites.

This plugin will save you a lot of time – it comes with a massive library of images that you can use and templates available in a few clicks. It goes even one step further – collect emails, invite your visitors to follow you on social media, or simply let them know when will your site be up and running again.

2. WP Reset


Doing changes to the site can be risky, and it is always recommended to make backups in case something goes wrong. However, we are all humans and can easily forget to do so.

Luckily for us, there is a plugin that will take care of such issues, and it will even provide a bit more! WP Reset allows you to roll back your work with just a click and comes with more than twenty cleaning tools for your website.

The nuclear reset feature gives you a fresh start, and the emergency recovery feature is another great thing to have in your pocket.

3. WP Sticky


If you want to have a piece of content always visible to users, the best way is to make them stick on a specific part of the screen. To avoid bugs and hours of adding such features, simply go ahead and check WP Sticky.

This plugin is compatible with all themes and even picks up visual elements, so there is no need for you to deal with additional styling. The fact that it’s ultra-fast and easy to use brings it to the list of must-have plugins.

4. WP Force SSL


Security is an important aspect of everything online nowadays. WordPress sites are no different, and users want to ensure they are protected while spending time on your pages.

One thing that more users start paying attention to is the SSL certificate, commonly recognized as a padlock just next to the URL. Configuring such a certificate properly is a must, and WP Force SSL is a plugin that will assist you.

Features of this plugin go beyond simple configuration – it allows you to scan your content, thus making sure that all links are correctly set up using the correct protocol. Make your site safe, users happy, and site SEO friendly.

5. Simple Author Box 


If you run a blog with multiple authors writing and editing content, one of the best features you can bring is an author box. This will give a more credible look to your content and space for every author to present themselves.

Simple Author Box allows you to set up this feature in just a few clicks! Another neat feature is that multiple authors can be credited, and you can even give this space to the guest authors. Great way to encourage guest posting on your blog!

Final thoughts

Having properly configured plugins that bring features and visual elements to the WordPress site is not easy. Hopefully, this list helped you find something new and valuable for your site.