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Cold glue becomes one of the popular types of adhesives. It is different from the hot melt adhesive that requires high temperature for its application. In the cold glue, the material is not melted down by using the heat, so it is considered safer for its application. However, it does not mean that it is easier to use. When it talks about productivity and efficiency in the glue application, it still needs to get attention. In this case, Robatech provides excellent solution of adhesive application solutions in the technology called Sempre 6. This will become great technology that makes cold glue application more effective and efficient.

Fast Speed and Precision

One of the benefits can be found in its speed and precision. It works faster that the manual work in glue application. The speed can be adjusted, and it is surely something that cannot be achieved by using the manual process. It has machine speed that will later boost the production process because the duration can be shortened by the technology. Although it has great speed in its glue application, it still can maintain great precision. It is surely something that cannot be achieved easily. Each dot and other glue application can be made in high precision so the results will neat. In addition, glue will have strong adhesiveness, so it has great quality of seal.

Awesome Durability

In addition to its great impact on the production process by using its speed and precision, Robatech pays attention to the aspect of durability. Sempre 6 are very durable because each part of the technology uses good materials. It is very durable so later it enables the industry to use the technology for longer period of time. Even if there is damage or problem because it has worked for long enough, Robatech provides continuous supply of spare parts, so it is not big problem to get replacement.