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Some of the cheapest electricity companies in Sweden are featured in Swedish reviews. A cheap electricity company means a good and sustainable power voltage at a relatively low price. But then, this isn’t always easy to come by, judging from the fact that there is always a higher cost for true value.

Most Swedish energy companies will always differ as long as power distribution, the need to maintain relevance, and customer satisfaction are concerned. Nonetheless, some electricity companies in Sweden have found ways to strike a healthy balance between value and price. And their rates, compared to other companies in the grand scheme of the power supply business, are cheaper.

A List of Cheap Electricity Companies In Sweden


Understand that “cheap electricity companies,” as mentioned in this article, is not the price tag that accompanies the services these companies offer; instead, it’s the value of the offered services compared to the price attached.

1. Bixia

Bixia is a Swedish power company that offers you the luxury of deciding your price. Bixia is pretty big on safety such that all of its source powers are renewable and environmentally friendly enough; they’re water, wind, and sun.

Bixia purchases a lot of local electricity, so there’s a high chance that the one you get is likely from the closest energy source to you. Bixia’s VAT and electricity prices, compared to other companies, are cheaper. Customers’ reviews have confirmed this too.

2. Vattenfall

Vattenfall is one of Europe’s retailers and producers of heat and electricity. The company has over 18,000 employees and has its main market in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Denmark.

Vattenfall has been powering homes and electrifying industries for over 100 years and works with a vision that sees the future of electricity as fossil-free. As of 2022, it was among the cheapest electricity companies in Sweden you’ll want to check out.

3. Energi Försäljning Sverige AB

This company doesn’t usually deal with driving power to single homes or works with other smaller residential electricity businesses. Its specialty is in real estate, mega-companies, and other public operations. It is one of the biggest electricity distributors in the Swedish power business, and from comparison, it offers a fair rate compared to other power companies.

One of the biggest things you’ll find here is the risk management experience and optimization skills among its special employees, both for energy consumers and power providers. A sub-mantra that Energi Försäljning Sverige AB works with is “delivering the right electricity at the right place” and, by extension, at the right time.


The electricity companies in Sweden have gone through the tides of time. And over time, they have effected changes in their various power strength and distribution patterns. This has made them evolve, and the same evolution came with price increments. However, some companies are still fair enough, as mentioned here. While you could say there are other cheaper electricity companies, you also might check the value they offer for those prices.