A Comprehensive Voice Experience

Voicify Voice Experience is a software application that helps organizations and brands design compelling audio solutions for their end-users. Voicify offers several unique features, which are tailored towards specific business requirements and budgets. The company’s core competency lies in the design, development, and deployment of enterprise-class audio experiences which provide real-time communication solutions. The Voicify platform delivers several unique features and benefits to organizations and brands. These unique solutions go a long way in helping organizations achieve their business goals and objectives.

Voicify offers custom solutions and features that are not available in any other application or tool. In fact, the company boasts of over 30 patents across the globe. Some of these solutions deliver highly advanced communication features such as scalable integration, advanced controls on routing, quality control, and auto-speech recognition. Furthermore, the company has also filed several international patents for technologies like ‘virtual calls’, ‘capture’, and ‘call forwarding/indirect’.

Voicify is easy to install and use. The application works on most web browsers and platforms. With the help of an internet connection, a user can start Voicify right away by downloading the Flash compatible application and signing up with a free Voicify account. The free voice account allows users to experience Voicify right away without any commitment. Users have to pay a one-time fee to upgrade to a professional account that offers advanced features and an unlimited number of calls.

Voicify also provides an automated voice dialing solution alexa routines. This solution has been designed especially for small businesses and home users who need to place calls from any location. In this feature, the user does not have to press the call button once he/she connects to the network. It works with the push of the mouse button and also with the taps of the keyboards.

Many business organizations are using Voicify as part of their employee communication solutions. They find this solution useful in many situations such as training, presentations, etc. A lot of companies are using Voicify as a simple tool, which helps them to improve their business productivity and also improves customer satisfaction. Voicify also works well with other video solutions like Google cast and Microsoft Media Network. Moreover, its voice experience is impressive as well as cost-effective.

Voicify also provides additional services to make the communication process simple and smooth. These services include 3-way calling, voice mail, call forwarding, and call waiting. To get started, a user needs to download the Flash-based Voicify client and install it on the systems of the persons to whom he wants to deliver Voicify services. Voicify clients are available for desktop computers as well as mobile phones.

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